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The Magic of Making Up | Win Her Back | The Magic of Making Up Sex. Get Your Woman Back, Save your marriage, stop your divorce, put the magic back and have some making up sex. Put the spice back into your relationship with a little knowledge and effort. Reclaiming the Power of Love can be easy when you know how to put the magic back. Did you know that men have the feeling that women get this relationship stuff faster than guys and they don't want to be pressured by a woman? Women try to hold men to a standard of performance and in doing so, criticize the man which backfires on them. Learn more in the book, 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket. The 7 Ways to Fill Her Love Bucket is a book for men about the desires of women and how to fill the 7 desires. Phenomenal& A Practical Guide for Men to overcome challenges with the woman they love and to make love a priority in the bedroom and beyond says Bart Smith, Author of Laws of the Bedroom.

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